Our team of large format printing experts will turn your idea in the perfect Visual branding.


Every day we strive to highlight your project in a creative and innovative way.
To do so, we have decided to offer you the total package deal.
This involves a number of disciplines: design, project management, large format printing, confectioning, frame production, logistics and installation.

Let us help you find the perfect way to brand your project.


Our production offers you the possibility to print up to 500cm wide. We currently have 5 different types of machines to suite your needs:

Dye-sublimation on which we can print on polyester textile up to 320cm width. This printer has the ability to print stretch fabric. It's fast and high quality printing. Fabrics can be folded after printing.

Our 2 meter UV printer is mainly used for non-flexible materials such as glass and forex, but also PVC's and textiles treated for UV printing. This type of printing is good for outside branding applications. The printed materials can't be folded after printing.

On the UV printer we can handle prints on fabrics which are up to 500cm wide. This is also a good solution for outside branding applications.

Our transfer printer is used for special project and experimental concepts. We can print on polyester fabrics and textiles which contain at least 80% polyester fibers. Maximum printable width is 150cm.

Self-adhesive solvent printer is a small printer for all kinds of stickers: clear, frosted, white, one way vision,... we have a lamination machine and plotter/cutter for special finishing. The maximum printable width is 150cm.


Our organised production house makes it possible to check every step of the print process carefully. Form the design, color management, printing, welding of the frames, confectioning, packing to the delivery and installation of the project. You can rest assure we test every system in house before we send it for installation. This to avoid unexpected surprises.
Let's impress together!

Let us help you find the perfect way to brand your project.