Products Description

Double Frame can be wall mounted for decoration purposes and advertising (fixed installation) or free standing / hanging for exhibition stands and room dividers. The double frame has 2 printed sides.
Advantages: Lightweight aluminum, easy to assemble & transport, no professional help needed, acoustical solutions, various colours, free standing, free hanging, 2 printed sides
Our Print Frame Profiles are made to measure up to almost any size for extra large display prints and acoustic panels. Add acoustic characteristics to your prints to optimise sound quality in the space with a decorative feature.
1. Double frame
49 x 45 mm | 6 m | 1.09 kg/m
2. Brace profile
46 x 19 mm | 6m | 0.68 kg/m | set of 2
3. Brace lock
4. Corner connector set
ste of 2 pieces
5. Joiner set
set of 2 pieces
6. Stand
500 x 80x 6 mm
7. Reinforced corner
8. Cable glider
9. Cable
1.5mm or 3mm
10. Foam
Material: 100% ALU