We supply a variety of printed media that allow you to create the perfect Visual Branding. Our printed media have different characteristics to suit your specific concept.

Whether you are looking for opaque or translucent, back or front lighted, texture or smooth, stretch or firm, … We offer a wide range of possibilities for indoor and outdoor use.

The prints can be finished with hemming, eyeleting, welding, fastener, rubber application and keder. We can confection up to any size.

Our materials are FR certified, eco-friendly and have acoustic quality.


We want you to make the difference and stand out with your exhibition stand, event or even at the office. Therefore we developed distinctive and easy to use print frame solutions.

We use lightweight aluminium profiles to enable you create every shape imaginable - From simple 2D shapes to curved 3D structures.

The profiles are easy to use, assemble and demountable. The can be re-used at a future time or for different concept.

The creative solutions with our frames are huge and available for any application.